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Marino Marini

Florence has a couple of my all-time favorite museums. Besides the big touristy ones like The Piti, there are couple of gems off the beaten path. One is the Marino Marini. It’s on a confusing side street, but worth the hide-and-seek. The horses in Marini’s works have such an appeal for me, he must have been a real fan of the equine race. The other one is way up on a hill overlooking the city. It’s quite a hike up there, an old fort, and I forgot the name! Oh well, the other one I have never been in to is the Feragamo. It is listed as one of the 10 top museums in the world, and about shoes! I dream of the Feragamo, someday…..


I used to run a boarding and riding stable. It was a high point of my life. With spring coming on, children,especially girls get that longing look for learning to ride or owning a pony. I used to encourage parents to wait upon a purchase until later when the child was old enough to not loose interest. One way parents can help appease the “horse fever” is to encourage learning about horses and horsemanship. US Pony Club has great written materials for kids.   And parents can augment the written with visiting stables that encourage children to spend time on the ground with lesson horses. Often, a smaller barn will welcome occasional visits of “ground lessons” for kids. It’s worth looking around…..


Another horse related activity for kids might be to help sponsor a horse or pony. With the hit of a harsh economy, rural communities are finding instances of families not being able to adequately feed their horses. Local feed stores often have donation cans available to help out, kids could help raise bits of cash to help a pony in need.


I happened upon this helpful link the other day….Super Zoo has online video sessions from their 2011 conference that seem to address several topics for pet store owners. It’s hard to get out in the conference world when you are a small store owner, this may be of help!

 ‘Cavaliere’ -Marino Marini


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