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by artassemblage

“Ronto” from Cassell’s Book of the Dog

The actual title of this piece is: ‘Mrs. Gibbs’ Poodle-Ronto.’ I can’t imagine having someone to groom my dogs to this extent. Undoubtably, Mrs.Gibbs had the means to employ a groomer to accomplish this feat. I thought about taking the shears to Asta yesterday, in preparation to getting a haircut. He and the schnauzer have standing appointments at ‘Chez MaMa’s’ and MaMa is not very reliable. A trip to the vet’s usually gets MaMa busy on the hair and toenails….


Huge hurrahs to the San Francisco non-profit, “Muttville.” I’ve never seen so much positive press for an organization. Here’s their mission statement: “Muttville is a nonprofit organization dedicated to changing the way the world thinks about and treats older dogs, aged seven years and older, and to creating better lives for them through rescue, foster, adoption, and hospice.” Seven??? That’s a chipper age in my book! And anyone thinking of adopting a dog might do well to thinking about a senior dog! Hats off to Muttville! www.muttville.org


In Arlington, Washington, last December, Sarvey Wildlife Center rescue technician William Miller found himself plunging through icy cold water to catch a bald eagle whose twice-broken wing had left it emaciated and unable to do much more than low-level gliding.

“I had to chase him about a quarter of a mile upstream,” said Miller, who’s been a rescue technician for two of his eight years as a volunteer for the Sarvey Wildlife Center. “It was shocking. He was just skin and bones.”

On Saturday, March 17, the work and resources of Miller and his fellow Sarvey Wildlife Center volunteers paid off when they were able to release that same eagle into the skies of Burien, at the Ed Munro Seahurst Park, near where Miller had recovered the bird in the first place.


Does your pet store have a newsletter? An online newsletter can go a long way in keeping your customers feeling like your shop is THEIR shop. What a great place to announce product promotions, sales, and customer appreciation specials. I am gearing up for a newsletter for our gallery….I figure 4 or 6 online newsletters a year is plenty for me for now. Free advertising is hard to beat….and after blogging 3 different blogs a week this year, I feel like I’m up to the task.I’ll share any information I find useful…

 Antique Chinese Dog Sculpture-Bronze Dynasty


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