Full Sail Summer

by artassemblage

Amadeo de Souza Cardoso       ‘Clown Cavalo Salamandra’

I’ve decided to change this blog a little. I blog three blogs on wordpress, and BeBe’s Blog is purely for my enjoyment. And because my husband and I are artists and have a gallery of mostly modern/contemporary works, my love is researching the use of animals and pets in fine art. So let’s just drop the rest, and delight in musing upon how the love of our animal friends has inspired artists over the years!

Amadeo de Souza Cardoso

This brilliant young artist lived to be 30. Born in Portugal in 1887, he studied art in Lisbon and Paris, associating with all the greats of our romanicism: Gertrude Stein, Juan Gris, Modigliani, Gaudi. He dedicated his life to painting, studying the cutting-edge genres of his day: impressionism, expressionism, cubism…

In 1913, participating in the Armory Show, travelling in New York, Boston, and Chicago, Amadeo sold seven of the eight paintings he showed (that’s wildly successful, by the way).

I’m displaying three of my favorite paintings here. The ‘Clown Cavalo Salamandra’ is a dead ringer for our old pony, Mr. Peanut. Peanut had that same laughing face when he was acting up around the ranch.

Souza Cardoso kept strong connections with his homeland of Portugal, and ‘Wind Dogs’ features the greyhounds used for hunting there. Although, it’s the plucky rabbits that draw our attention in both ‘Wind Dogs’ and ‘Leaping Rabbit’, portrayed in joyous suits of bright color and pattern.

He caught influenza in 1918 and died, leaving us his wonderful contributions. Bittersweet.

‘Wind Dogs”

‘Leaping Rabbit’


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