Oopsy August

by artassemblage

Alexis Moyer  from The Pot Shop    ‘Frog Totem’

Do frogs count as pets? If they grace your home, I think they do.

Alexis Moyer

This week I get to showcase my friend, Alexis. Happy, well-adjusted, good friend and mom, Alexis is an artist who sets an example to all artists who wonder if they can make it doing what they love. She has such a great understanding of running her  business, adjusting and improving and digging in to get it all done. Traveling out to her home-base gallery, Edgewater Gallery, in Fort Bragg, California, getting her daughters to school 30 miles from home, maintaining her shop in  our little town of Philo, attending shows, and art and craft fairs, Alexis amazes me. She exemplifies a marriage of talent and hard work.

She makes beautiful functional pottery, and wonderfully whimsical sculptures of bright and happy colors often with animals incorporated.  And she is getting noticed by collectors. She gives classes to supplement the business income, and she is my go-to pal for business matters and matters of life. Currently we are working together to improve our sales techniques. And it is really helping!

Last year Alexis brought American Craft Week to our county, and this year was rewarded with special recognition on a national level for the excellent job she did coordinating the event throughout Mendocino County. Because of her efforts, our county is getting spotlighted nationally.

She gets her work out there. And you can stop by her shop, The Pot Shop, in Philo, CA, next to Jack’s Valley Store. She has a great sign on the door, “Open by appointment….or coincidence”  Or you can visit her works on her website:  www.alexismoyerpottery.com   She’ll write you back if you have inquiries, and will get works to you quickly and efficiently.



‘The Protector”

‘Koi Table’

* It was brought to my attention (thank goodness) by a customer, that our website wasn’t working properly….Many appologies for that, all seems back to working order, and business is back open!


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