Waiting For Fall

by artassemblage

Malcolm West  ‘Off to Market’

Malcolm West is a friend of ours. Michael and I have an art gallery, (I’m sure I’ve mentioned it before!) and Malcolm is a dear friend known for his watercolors. We always carry a couple at the gallery. He is an enigmatic joy in that he is probably the one true artist/scholars-of-art I know. He is schooled in art, has always worked as an artist, is an avid student of art, has taught art, and now lives a quiet, unassuming life making his art, doing his purpose, and doing it wonderfully.

Lately, he veered off his regular path of plein-aire painting to include this charming character, “Pernina Shrew.”  These illustrations of Pernina as she waltzes through her days filled with wonder and warmth, I think, mirror the personality of the artist so well, that I feel absolutely blessed to be able to share a couple of illustrations with people who come upon this post.

My sincere hope is that Malcolm can someday gather the “Pernina files” for publication. The world could certainly use a little wonder and warmth, and I would love to share Pernina’s days with my grandson. I don’t think they even need a story-line to captivate. We could talk about going to market, or sweeping fall leaves, or having tea with a friend, all these quiet and unassuming joys of life often ignored for super-heroes and  loud noises. And I would be humbled to tell him that Malcolm is my friend.

Malcolm West    ‘Feeling Sep-tober’


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