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Welcome Rain

From Ancient Egypt

“We, and everyone else it seems has given homage to the cats of ancient Egypt, but dogs too were important, both as symbols of gods and as domesticated animals.  Certainly they were pets, but it is difficult to say whether dogs were as beloved by their Egyptian owners as cats. They were never shown as animals to be petted. But as in modern times, their uses were much more diverse. Nevertheless, they  were mummified and they were often buried with owners, or sometimes in their  own coffins. At Abydos, part of the cemetery was set aside for dogs near the graves of women, archers and dwarfs.” Jimmy Dunn:


We have terriers. Well, one terrier, and one mini-schnauzer. They can get stinky. The schnauzer drags her beard through food and water and who-knows-what, the wire-hair is lovingly called “parrot head” by me when he needs a bath, his aroma reminiscent of my great-aunt’s parrot’s cage. One great help of stinky schnauzer ears is hydrogen peroxide. When BeBe’s ears get greasy smelly, it’s often a little bacterial growth. My vet said soak a cotton ball in hydrogen peroxide and give those ears a swish-around. It works.


With all of us empty-nesters traveling these days, I really appreciate sites that let me know about dog friendly lodging. now has listed dog parks and activities you can enjoy with your dog while on vacation! Yipee!


We are working on our window display this week at our gallery. I just ran across this tip in ‘Silent Selling’ by Judith Bell and Kate Ternus:

Seven Mechanics of Window Magic

  • Step 1:      Select merchandise category
  • Step 2:      Select color story
  • Step 3:      Select theme
  • Step 4:      Select props
  • Step 5:      Select mannequins
  • Step 6:      Select accessories
  • Step 7:      Sketch proposed window presentation

I like the way it clears a path of using what you have to work with, instead of sketching a grand idea and then having to find the materials you need. I’m going to follow it this week…..


The Egyptian Cat Conundrum

Geoffrey Tristram courtesy of Porterfields Fine Art

“Women and cats will do as they please, and men and dogs should relax and get used to the idea”-Robert A Heinlein


We are Chez BeBe Dog Products ,  makers of fine dog coats for individual pets and makers of Chez BeBe Dog Mannequins for the visual marketing industry, also at:


Welcome Winter

Sir E. Landseer, Untitled 1800’s

Visiting museums and galleries when we travel is probably my favorite sport. And I am always taken with human portraits that include the subject’s pets. (How about the Frieda Kahlo’s self portrait with those monkeys!) One of my favorite books on the subject is “Dog: 5000 Years of the Dog in Art” by Tamsian Pickeral. Our local library carries it and I’ve gone back to it several times. I highly reccommend it.


We live in the country, and I wasn’t aware that there are Food Banks for animals and pets around the country! What a great idea-Holly Tse from Green Little Cat blog  reminds us that we can recycle unopened pet foods there. Holly also reminds us to recycle our blankets and towels to your vet’s office and local shelter, Thanks Holly!


Was talking to my brother-in-law this week, they have inherited a chihuahua puppy that was in the parking lot at a beach in SoCal. Evidently, locals breed the chihuahuas and take them to the beach to sell to tourists. The pups left at the end of the day are often dumped on the spot. The SPCA is aware of the problem, but seems they haven’t been able to stop the practice. Anyway the pup has lucked out to a wonderful family.


With having to really stretch to keep our customers happy in this economy, I saw a neat idea for a pet store. Instead of having a rack of books for pet owners, this pet shop had a really nice area of bookshelves complete with seats both for the owner and the visiting pet.  Hmmmm….wonder if they had the ‘5000 Years of the dog in Art?’ Might work for some shops…..

 “Ella” by Leah Knecht, Classic Pet Portraits


We are Chez BeBe Dog Products ,  makers of fine dog coats for individual pets and makers of Chez BeBe Dog Mannequins for the visual marketing industry, also at: